Newmark Group officially inducted into Public Relations Global Network

Newmark Group, a prominent pan-African Public Relations and Communications agency, has officially been inducted as a member of the Public Relations Global Network (PRGN). The event held at the Hilton’s San Francisco District in California, US, during PRGN’s fall conference, marked a momentous step in the company’s journey towards global recognition and collaboration.

Newmark Group’s induction into PRGN is a testament to its growing influence and impact within the global communications industry. Newmark in March 2023 became the fifth sub-Saharan African agency to join PRGN, bolstering the network’s overall membership to an impressive 54 agencies.

Speaking at the conference, Gilbert Manirakiza, the  founder and CEO of the organization enthused on what the membership meant to Newmark Group:  “Our membership with PRGN signifies a vital connection that amplifies the  distinctive role we play  as a strategic communications agency, encompassing various dimensions of Public Relations, digital, experiential, insights, technology, and creativity. This unique fusion of expertise wields the extraordinary ability to mold identities, foster unity among diverse audiences, and propel growth for the organizations under our care.  At its core, our affiliation with PRGN encapsulates our unwavering mission to leave an indelible mark on the landscape of communications, making a tangible impact on the world.”

At the Awards dinner held later in the evening, Newmark Group secured a highly esteemed Gold Award in recognition of its exceptional thought leadership and expert positioning. This remarkable accomplishment etched its place in history, signifying the first time that a newly introduced agency had triumphed at their inaugural PRGN conference. Additionally, Manirakiza received an honorary appointment to the Marketing and Communications committee of PRGN. The committee will play a pivotal role in steering the strategic positioning of the Network on the global scale.

President of PRGN, Andy See, spoke of his excitement at having Newmark join the firm as a member organization. He stated that: “We’re absolutely thrilled to have Newmark on board because we truly appreciate the incredible thought leadership and expert positioning that they’ve carved out for themselves in Africa’s  vast landscape. With Newmark’s impressive reach spanning over 30 countries, we see this as a game-changing opportunity for PRGN, enabling us to unlock new horizons in our global and local partnerships within our affiliations.”

Established in 2010, Newmark Group has rapidly evolved into a pan-African communications and brand positioning powerhouse. The agency’s expertise spans a wide spectrum of strategic services, including strategy design and execution, stakeholder mapping, thought leadership, media training, and content production. Joining PRGN is a strategic decision for the agency to expand their reach and capabilities, ultimately serving their customers on a global scale. The agency’s exceptional capabilities and contributions are poised to drive positive change and growth for clients around the world.

Newmark Group, established in 2010, is a pan-African communications and brand positioning agency that leverages the power of brand trust to help companies and organizations flourish. The agency’s mission is to empower clients to engage their stakeholder ecosystems and grow as leaders in their respective fields. With a presence in more than 30 countries across the African continent, Newmark Group has consistently delivered mission-critical insights, strategies, narratives, and execution over the past 13 years.


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