Carrier Solutions in drive to grow market share by tapping into Kenya’s robust digital industry

AHI Carrier, a carrier joint venture company with presence in over 100 countries that offers modern and innovative heating, air conditioning and refrigeration integrated solutions, has unveiled a strategic plan to grow its market share as it eyes to tap into Kenya’s ’s robust digital industry.

While addressing over 200 industry leaders, innovators and partners during this years’ summit at a Nairobi hotel over the weekend, AHI Carrier Regional Business Manager Ajay Garg said the rise in demand for data centers in the country has provided an excellent opportunity for the carrier solutions to emerge prominently as a leading provider of extensive data center solutions.

(TOP: AHI Carrier Regional Business Manager Ajay Garg).

“We want to showcase our proficiency in high-density, energy-efficient cooling solutions, air cooling systems, and the seamless integration of data centers into smart city infrastructures. Our ultra-high efficiency, low global warming potential chillers are specifically designed to cater for diverse capacity requirements of all data centers,” Ajay explained.

He said Carrier Solutions will contribute to the growth of data in the region as it will be driven by digital transformation, emerging fintech solutions, and overall infrastructure success. Garg said the firm’s extensive range of energy-efficient HVAC solutions will be tailored to optimize and fulfill the increasing demand for data in the country.

In an environment where digital infrastructure propels progress, Carrier Solutions plans to tap into it by offering state-of-the-art data center solutions, to empower businesses to thrive in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

“Our unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation sets the standard for reliability and efficiency in the realm of data center services”, he added.

This comes on the backdrop of the government’s enactment of a data protection act to safeguard and protect people’s and company’s data where are have seen a surge in many firms racing to comply with data protection requirement laws.

AHI Carrier FZC (AHIC), offers energy efficient products with cutting edge technology as well as modern and innovative heating and cooling, air conditioning, HVAC and refrigeration integrated solutions from Carrier and Toshiba.

Carrier Solutions stands as the premier provider of comprehensive data center solutions, specializing in design, construction, and consultancy services. With a strategic focus on high-density cooling solutions, air cooling systems, and smart city data center integration, Carrier Solutions is dedicated to charting new standards of excellence in Kenya’s data center industry.


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