Xaidi App, Kenya’s first AI-powered health coach for households with special needs Children, launched by iZola

Xaidi app, a new digital health helper that seeks to empower special needs children and their families by enabling them to navigate their day-to-day life challenges and opportunities in their healthcare journey, has been launched by iZola.

The innovative AI app built by young Kenyans in collaboration with colleagues from Germany, leverages on data from globally renown research institutions and uses cutting edge GPT technology to provide much needed assistance by providing special needs children and their care givers with much needed information in both English and Swahili, simplifying their journey.

(TOP: From left – Board member, National Council for Persons with Disabilities, Sylvia Machabo; co-founder and CEO of iZola Dr. Wamuyu Owotoki; and Deputy Director of Children Services Department Philip Nzenge, are all smiles during the launch of Xaidi app, digital health helper that seeks to empower children with special needs children and their families be able to navigate their day-to-day life challenges and opportunities in their healthcare journey).

Xaidi is a free, first of its kind community health assistant app, designed to help parents of neurodivergent children feel more supported and confident in handling learning and thinking differences.

Speaking during the launch, Philip Nzenge, Deputy Director, Directorate of Children Services, welcomed the new initiative saying “Children and young people with developmental disabilities are a large and growing population across the globe. According to the UNICEF 2023 Global Report on Children with Developmental Disabilities, in 2019 there were approximately 317 million children and adolescents with health conditions that contribute to developmental disabilities globally. These children’s needs have however been neglected in health systems planning and policy provisions for health. I therefore commend iZola on launching a service that is in line with our mission of creating a barrier free society of persons leaving with disability.”

Reiterating these remarks, Dr. Wamuyu Owotoki, the co-founder and CEO of iZola, said: “For many parents of special needs children, it can be difficult to find resources to enable their children thrive. Driven by this reality, iZola has created Xaidi a health helper App leveraging artificial intelligence to foster a healthcare ecosystem that is tailored to the diverse needs of special needs families. The app is aimed at creating a safe space where parents and caregivers can ask questions and seek reassurance while receiving feedback instantly 24/7″.

“The App further entrenches our mission to provide calm in a stormy world a community for families with special needs children by offering a personalized experience for each and every caregiver. It provides safe spaces for parents to gather tips and educational resources on learning and thinking differences while seeking advice,” she added.

The digital companion app caters to special needs such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and autism spectrum disorder (ASD) care journey. The app can also be used by any Kenyan to access any information on health instantly.

The App is currently available on Google Playstore.

iZola is a digital health AI start-up supporting families with neurodivergent children via an AI-integrated therapeutics platform.Its platform connects families of special needs children with qualified and vetted therapists while providing them with a supportive community.

The company is one of 6 African health startups that have been selected by Google for a three-month Growth Academy that aim is to support promising startups that use AI technology to grow and innovate responsibly.

iZola was founded by Vitafluence.ai, a research, data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) company based in Germany.


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