LG’s new OS expands options for Smart TVs users in Kenya

In Kenya, where technological advancements are rapidly embraced, LG Electronics (LG) is making significant strides in catering to the evolving needs of consumers. The introduction of the new webOS Hub 2.0S for third-party brands, initially released for TVs in September, is now extending its reach to include smart monitors, aligning with the growing smart TV market.

The Kenyan market, much like global trends, has witnessed a surge in the demand for smart monitors due to the increasing prevalence of single-person households. Recognizing this shift, LG’s webOS Hub 2.0S becomes an ideal choice for smaller screens, offering both convenience and a diverse range of content to meet the preferences of individual users.

As Kenya embraces technological connectivity, the enhanced hardware adaptability of the webOS Hub 2.0S opens up new possibilities beyond smart TVs, providing third-party brands in the country with the opportunity to deliver a tailored user experience. The addition of the Card App Home Hub & Music on the main home UI screen brings an array of services at users’ fingertips with just one click, further streamlining the user experience.

In a country where remote work and hybrid work arrangements are increasingly prevalent, the Remote PC function of webOS Hub 2.0S holds particular significance. Kenyan users can seamlessly transition between office PCs or laptops, enhancing productivity and supporting the evolving work landscape.

For entertainment, the webOS Hub 2.0S offers convenient access to music streaming from popular apps like Spotify and streaming services such as Netflix and YouTube.

LG’s commitment to versatility is reflected in its efforts to integrate the webOS Hub into various third-party products, with over 300 brands participating in this endeavor. As the company expands the webOS Hub platform to include a broader range of smart TVs and smart monitors, it solidifies its presence in the Kenyan market, emphasizing a dedication to providing a seamless webOS Hub experience across multiple devices. This move aligns with Kenya’s tech-savvy consumer base, positioning LG as a leader in delivering innovative solutions tailored to the dynamic preferences of its consumers.


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