NCBA partners with Kipchimchim Group to support economic and industrial growth in Kericho County

NCBA Group has reaffirmed its unwavering dedication to the growth of Kenya’s industrial sector and the sustainable development of communities during a tour led by NCBA Kenya Chairman, Isaac Awuondo, and Group MD, John Gachora, at the recently inaugurated West Valley Sugar Factory in Kericho County.

The West Valley Sugar Factory (WEVAS), owned by the West Valley Sugar Company, a subsidiary of the esteemed Kipchimchim Group of Companies, stands as a testament to collaborative effort and strategic partnerships. The factory, strategically located in Kericho County, marks a significant milestone in the region’s economic landscape, with its parent company also operating the renowned Kipchimatt Supermarkets.

(TOP: L-to-R – Alfred Soi, Chairman of the Kipchimchim Group; Bernard Soi, Director, Kipchimchim Group of Companies; with Isaac Awuondo, the NCBA Chairman, plant a tree at the West Valley Sugar in Kericho County during the company tour).

During the tour, NCBA Group Managing Director John Gachora emphasized the critical role of partnerships in driving progress and growth, acknowledging NCBA’s instrumental role as the financial partner in establishing the West Valley Sugar Factory. He stated, “Our spirit of partnership fuels collaborative growth. Our involvement in the establishment of the West Valley Sugar Factory was a strategic partnership aligned with our shared vision of fostering economic growth and sustainable development.”

Gachora continued: “Through our collective spirit and collaboration, we’ve created a legacy that fosters development and contributes to economic growth by creating job opportunities, stimulating ancillary businesses, and enhancing the overall economic ecosystem in this region.”

Through the partnership, it took a record 14 months to complete operationalization of the West Sugar Company Limited which is faster compared to the 2 years to operationalize a factory. The company has been operational for 2 months continuously and has since employed over 600 locals in the factory driving the local economy and providing essential services that have a multiplier effect on the region. Today, the company produces 2200 bags of 50kg sugar daily.

Beyond industrial achievements, the Kipchimchim Group of Companies, led by Group MD Bernard Soi, emphasized the need to prioritize community upliftment. “We offer community initiatives that encompass comprehensive agricultural training, sustainable farming practices, and access to quality fertilizers, alongside educational programs focusing on renewable energy sources. Our commitment extends to innovative solutions like utilizing bagasse to power homes.”

Furthermore, the Kipchimchim Group’s dedication to sustainability aligns with NCBA’s own agenda. The company uses Green Energy generated from Bagasse. They generate 3 megawatts of power through bagasse recycling, using only 2 megawatts only of this to power the factory.

In honor of the late Founding Chairman, Samuel Ngetich, the bank planted 10 trees jointly during the event and donated 1000 seedlings to the company for onward distribution to the community.

This strategic collaboration between NCBA and the Kipchimchim Group of Companies stands as a beacon of progress, illustrating the transformative power of partnership in fostering industrial growth and community development.

NCBA Group is a full-service banking group providing a broad range of financial products and services to corporate, institutional, SME and consumer banking customers. NCBA Group operates a network of more than 100 branches in five countries including Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Ivory Coast. Serving over 60 million customers, the NCBA Group is the largest banking group in Africa by customer numbers. NCBA Bank Kenya is among the top leading banks by assets. The Bank continues to play a key role in supporting Africa’s economic ambitions. The Bank is a Market Leader in Corporate Banking, Asset Finance and Digital Banking.


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