Airtel Kenya unveils new unlimited 5G packages for enterprise and SME customers

In July this year, Airtel Kenya announced the launch of its 5G network in the country, and by the end of this year, the 5G network will have a presence in 221 wards in 32 counties with over 470 sites. The 5G network offers data speeds up to 10 times faster than 4G, incredibly low latency, and the ability to seamlessly connect billions of devices.

During the launch of the 5G network, Airtel also introduced its 5G devices for individuals enterprises, and SMEs. The enterprise and SME packages include unlimited plans for as low as Kshs 3,500 per month, ensuring that enterprises and SMEs can be a part of the technological revolution at affordable prices.

(TOP: Ashish Malhotra, the Airtel Kenya MD during the telco’s 5G network).

The Airtel unlimited 5G plans bring forth connectivity without restrictions, allowing you to browse, stream movies, access high-speed uploads and downloads, and play online games without having to worry about your bundle usage or the rate at which your bundles deplete. This is the perfect definition of ultimate convenience for many people.

Besides the freedom of internet browsing, the 5G UNLIMITED package comes with the more effective aspect of portability, providing you with high-speed, reliable internet on the move. Additionally, the 5G unlimited package presents customers with unique choices regarding their desired unlimited monthly plans as outlined below:

  • 5G Unlimited 10 Mbps – Kshs 3,500
  • 5G Unlimited 30 Mbps – Kshs 5,500
  • 5G Unlimited 50 Mbps – Kshs 7,500

It is noteworthy that there is ZERO initial purchase cost for the 5G router. However, a customer is required to pay a one-month subscription fee for their preferred plan to acquire the router.

The router also comes with a free power bank/ Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), that helps one to continue browsing in the event of power outages and while on the move.

To enroll in Airtel 5G unlimited plans, visit an Airtel shop close to you. A qualified Airtel technician will visit your premises for a physical survey and installation. After installation, you will subscribe to your preferred 5G UNLIMITED plan as guided by the technician.

To renew your 5G UNLIMITED plan, you can pay through My Airtel App or you can visit an Airtel shop for support.

The 5G UNLIMITED plans exemplify Airtel’s dedication to progress, innovation, and empowering Kenyans.


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