Bolt hosts inaugural sports event to foster driver engagement

In a bold move to foster enhanced driver engagement, Bolt, the on-demand mobility company, organised its inaugural sports event for its driver partners in Nairobi. The sporting event dubbed “Bolt Athleticon” aimed to strengthen the partnership between Bolt and drivers on its platform, demonstrating Bolt’s commitment to their well-being and recognising their crucial role in the ride-hailing ecosystem.

The event witnessed an enthusiastic participation of drivers from various locations across the city. The Bolt Athleticon featured a series of friendly football matches, where drivers formed teams and showcased their sporting skills in a spirit of camaraderie and healthy competition.

The event also provided an opportunity for drivers to interact with the Bolt team, fostering open lines of communication and allowing drivers to express their concerns, suggestions, and aspirations. Bolt representatives present at the event, engaged in conversations with the drivers, providing them with valuable insights into upcoming initiatives, incentives, and support programs designed to enhance their experience on the platform.

Speaking to the drivers at the event, Adega Murbe-Onyango, Regional Marketing Manager said: “This event truly reflects Bolt’s dedication to driver engagement and satisfaction, and we are thrilled by the remarkable turnout and engagement demonstrated by the drivers. Our driver partners are at the core of our business, and their well-being is a top priority. We are committed to fostering a strong community and cultivating meaningful relationships with our driver partners through various initiatives, including sports events.”

A representative of the drivers said: We’re thrilled that Bolt put together this fantastic event, giving us drivers a chance to connect over an exciting game of football. It was also great to chat with the Bolt team outside of their usual office setting. We appreciate the fun day we’ve had and look forward to more events like this in the future.”

The sports event culminated with the presentation of medals to the winning teams.


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