Enhancing daily living with AI brilliance

In the era of rapid technological advancement, artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as a transformative force, reshaping the way we live, connect, and experience the world. At the forefront of this AI revolution is Samsung, a company that has strategically invested in AI for years, aiming to unlock new hyper-connected experiences that make daily life easier, more sustainable, and inclusive for all.

Samsung’s vision for AI transcends mere device functionality; it aspires to make a personalized impact across all facets of our lives. The belief is that AI technology can usher in smarter, better experiences that redefine our existence, making it not just easier but also richer and more inclusive. What sets Samsung apart is its scale and breadth as a company that sells over 500 million smart devices annually, from TVs and refrigerators to vacuums and smartphones.

The commitment to an open ecosystem of partners is a key pillar of Samsung’s approach to AI. By fostering collaboration, the company ensures that AI experiences are rich and diverse, seamlessly integrating millions of devices within the SmartThings platform. This commitment to open collaboration is rooted in the belief that working together accelerates innovation, putting advanced technology into the hands and homes of consumers.

Samsung’s decade-long investment in AI is now yielding results, evident in their most popular products and integrated services. The integration of AI into flagship smartphones, such as the upcoming Galaxy series, promises to revolutionize the mobile experience. AI will empower users to enhance meetings with features like Background Blur and Auto-framing, showcasing the potential of AI to make routine tasks effortless, allowing individuals to focus on more ambitious goals.

Beyond individual devices, Samsung envisions AI for society, extending its intelligence investments to support sustainability commitments and promote accessibility. From intelligent services recognizing and learning patterns to enhance daily life to on-device AI upscaling content for the highest quality viewing experience, Samsung is making strides to integrate AI seamlessly into our lives.

The question arises: How does Samsung intend to stand out in a landscape where AI is prominently featured in other companies’ announcements? The answer lies in Samsung’s mission to make AI more accessible and transform how we connect with each other and the world. By incorporating AI across a wide range of products and services, Samsung is simplifying user experiences and fostering greater creativity.

Whether it’s optimizing energy usage through SmartThings or personalizing recipes through Samsung Food, the integration of AI into everyday tasks is making technology more meaningful. Samsung’s commitment to bringing AI to the hands and homes of people worldwide is not just a technological pursuit but a quest to make AI brilliance an integral part of our daily lives, enhancing the way we live, work, and connect in this hyper-connected world.


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