Samsung redefines consumer electronics landscape with AI-centric innovations

Samsung Electronics is set to revolutionise the consumer electronics industry with its unwavering commitment to AI-driven technology. Recognising AI as the cornerstone of innovation, Samsung is reshaping the future of its products, embedding AI capabilities across a diverse spectrum of devices.

“At Samsung, AI isn’t just a feature; it’s the catalyst for transformative experiences. We are reimagining consumer electronics, infusing AI into our products to create personalised, intuitive, and seamlessly connected experiences,” said Sam Odhiambo, Head of Consumer Electronics at Samsung Electronics East Africa.

Samsung’s AI-centric approach aims to transcend traditional device boundaries, enriching users’ lives through smarter, more inclusive experiences. With a robust portfolio encompassing over 500 million smart devices annually, Samsung is uniquely positioned to democratise AI, integrating it into everyday life.

“Central to Samsung’s strategy is fostering an open ecosystem, facilitating collaborations with partners to enrich AI experiences. The SmartThings platform, already hosting millions of devices, exemplifies Samsung’s commitment to collaborative innovation,” said Odhiambo.

The company’s decade-long investment in AI technology is evident in its popular products and evolving services. Samsung is not only enhancing user experiences but also focusing on responsible innovation. Sustainability, accessibility, and reduced environmental impact are integral to Samsung’s AI initiatives.

Samsung’s AI-led innovations span across diverse categories, such as visual display, digital appliances, mobile experiences, and automotive technology. From AI-powered visual displays offering unprecedented clarity to smart home appliances seamlessly integrated with AI for enhanced functionality, Samsung’s products exemplify the potential of AI in reshaping everyday experiences.

“Samsung Neo QLED 8K QN900D boasts a built-in AI Processor, NQ8 AI Gen 3, equipped with an 8 times greater AI neural network and two times faster NPU than its predecessor. Thanks to the NQ8 AI Gen3 processor, Samsung Neo QLED 8K automatically upscales low-resolution content to provide users with up to 8K quality viewing experience and sharpens fast-moving images via AI Motion Enhancer Pro. The Samsung Neo QLED 8K also features Active Voice Amplifier Pro, which analyses voice and background noise by AI to optimise your TV listening experience so you can enjoy various content as if you are in the front row of a stadium or movie theatre. Samsung Neo QLED 8K also features Tizen OS Home, which offers the latest apps, services, personalised content, and service recommendations to upscale your entertainment experience,” noted Odhiambo.

Samsung’s dedication to AI is evident in its efforts towards security advancements, resource circularity, and energy conservation. The company is committed to achieving net-zero goals and actively employs recycled materials in its products, showcasing its dedication to sustainable practices.

Samsung’s relentless pursuit of AI excellence extends to creating inclusive technology, ensuring its products cater to diverse user needs. The company’s focus on AI is not just about technological advancement; it’s about empowering users and enriching their lives.


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