Pesapal unveils new feature which allows customers to add a tip directly on its POS devices

Digital payments solutions vendor, Pesapal, has released a new feature that allows customers to add a tip directly on its POS devices.

This new feature will be available on all Pesapal Sabi POS terminals and aims to make tipping easier and more convenient as cashless transactions continue to grow across East Africa.

(TOP: Pesapal client service officer Erick Isigi showing a merchant how to use the new tipping feature on the Sabi POS Machine. The new feature enables customers to add tips to their bills when transacting).

“As transactions go cashless, we are adapting our POS machines to accommodate digital tipping. With this new feature, we are providing a convenient way for customers to show their appreciation for good service,” Pesapal Technical Director Fred Mwangima said.

According to McKinsey Global Payment Map, Africa’s domestic e-payments market is expected to see revenues grow by approximately 20 per cent per year, reaching around $40 billion by 2025. With this new feature, customers can now effortlessly include a tip to their total bill amount right on the POS machine, eliminating the hustle of searching for cash tips.

“We are responding to the current dynamics of the payment landscape that has seen a surge in digital payments. Tipping is a great incentive for attendants to provide great service, but it has become more difficult in the post-covid era as most consumers migrate toward cashless transactions,” Pesapal Group CEO Agosta Liko said.

The introduction of this new feature makes the checkout process simple for both the merchant and their customers. When the customer is ready to pay, the POS will display the total amount due, along with options for adding a tip. Customers can choose from preset tip percentages or enter a custom amount. The tip amount is then added to the total bill, and the transaction is complete. The tip will then be directly transferred to their mobile wallet.

In recent years, merchants across multiple industries, including hospitality, retail, service, entertainment, healthcare, and fuel stations, have embraced digital technology. Advances in payment acceptance have led to transformative results, and the digital tipping experience will be an extension of that push to digitize these industries.

Merchants who already have the terminal can easily activate the feature through a simple software update.


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