Three security firms appeal license cancellation to the CS for Interior and National Administration Florence Bore

Three security firms have appealed to the CS in the Ministry of Interior and the National Administration to prevent the Private Security Regulatory Authority (PRSA) from cancelling their operating licenses.

Bedrock Security Services, Bedrock Security Alarm Systems and Products, and Superb Skills Solutions, are among nine companies that were affected by PRSA’s decision to cancel their licenses on February 5, 2024, without prior warning or valid reasons. These companies are active members of the Professional Security & Safety Association of Kenya and Protective Security Industry Association.

The three firms, represented by their lawyers, have informed the PRSA that it is now functus officio, estopped, prohibited, and barred from addressing the matter until the Cabinet Secretary (CS) makes a decision within 30 days, as provided for under section 43 of the Private Security Regulation Act of 2016. This automatically gives a stay of the irrational notice.

The action follows court battles and protests from industry associations that disagreed with a previous PRSA notice calling for a minimum wage of Kshs 30,000 per guard. The notice was later disowned by Labour CS Florence Bore.

Section 43 of the PSRA Act of 2016 allows for an appeal to the Cabinet Secretary if a practitioner is aggrieved by a decision of the Regulator. It also stipulates that the moment an appeal is lodged with the Cabinet Secretary, the Authority and its secretariat are estopped, prohibited, and barred from handling the matter until the CS resolves the dispute.

Additionally, the CS is required to appoint a three-man ad-hoc team to advise him on the dispute, and he must make a determination within 30 days.


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