Mastercard and Glovo partner to provide over 300,000 meals to school children in Kenya and Nigeria

Mastercard, recently announced its collaboration with Glovo, a pioneering multi-category app that connects consumers with restaurants, pharmacies, groceries and retail stores, to address hunger and foster education in underserved communities. Together, they are set to provide over 300,000 meals for school children in Kenya and Nigeria for an entire school year, marking a significant step in combating poverty, malnutrition and inadequate learning.

In its commitment to social responsibility, Mastercard strives to empower individuals and promote equitable prosperity globally. By teaming up with Glovo, the focus is on combating hunger and ensuring school children have access to nutritious meals, fostering an environment where both learning and growth can thrive.

(TOP: L-R – Lenin Sembo Oyuga, Head of Telco Digital Partnerships in Middle East and Africa at Mastercard; Shehryar Ali, Senior VP and Country Manager for East Africa and Indian Ocean Islands at Mastercard; Caroline Mutuku, the GM at Glovo Kenya; and Lorenzo Mayol, Partners and Brands Advertising Director at Glovo Africa commemorate their agreement to provide over 300,000 meals for school children in Kenya and Nigeria).

To maximize impact, Mastercard has strategically partnered with local charities – Food4Education in Kenya and the Lagos Food Bank initiative in Nigeria. For every transaction on the Glovo app, Mastercard will make donations to these charities, funding a meal for a child in need. This unique initiative represents a first-of-its-kind effort in both East and West Africa, reinforcing Mastercard’s commitment to sustainable solutions benefiting people, the planet, and overall prosperity.

Speaking on this initiative, Shehryar Ali, Senior Vice President and Country Manager for East Africa and Indian Ocean Islands, said: “Our mission is to bring the advantages of the digital economy to one billion individuals and in the process make a significant impact in improving access for those who lack resources. Our digital value proposition is designed to foster inclusion, social uplift and preserve our environment. It is our aim to seamlessly foster positive impact, as exemplified by this joint effort with Glovo to support school going children with nutritious meals, eradicate hunger and foster an effective learning experience.”

“At Glovo, we believe that positive change starts locally. Our collaboration with Mastercard represents a joint effort to address a specific challenge: the eradication of hunger and the promotion of equitable prosperity in Kenya and Nigeria. Recognizing that social challenges require collective action, we understand that partnerships between businesses can lead to a more significant impact in local communities and inspire others to embark on similar projects,” added Caroline Mutuku, the GM of Kenya at Glovo.

Through this initiative, Mastercard and Glovo aim to provide not just meals, but hope and happiness to children in underserved areas by creating a positive environment that will have an impact on their education and well-being. The collaboration underscores the importance of collective action in addressing societal challenges, and Mastercard invites its cardholders to be active participants in this meaningful endeavour.


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