Kenya Association of Manufacturers tours Konza Technopolis to explore potential investment opportunities

Kenya’s industrialists under their umbrella body, the Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM), undertook an exploration tour of Konza Technopolis (KoTDA) to evaluate the potential investment opportunities available in the Silicon Savannah. The industrialists were from cable manufacturing, household goods manufacturers, warehousing and logistics operators, electronic assembling and suppliers of construction materials.

“We are visiting the Technopolis to evaluate the progress of the infrastructure development that has been going on and see what emerging opportunities are there for our members,” Anthony Mwangi, the KAM CEO said.

(TOP: Agatha Kakui, the Konza Technopolis Manager for Investor Facilitation & One Stop Shop, speaking to a delegation of industrialists and members of KAM during their visit to Konza Technopolis. Konza has an industrial park for light industries and assembling plants. Photo: @konzatech).

KAM was Established in 1959, it represents manufacturing and value add industries in Kenya. With a commitment to driving global competitiveness, KAM unites industrialists, fosters innovation, and advocates for policies that enhance the business environment.

“Manufacturing is expected to contribute up to 20 percent of the country Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by the year 2030, and Konza being one of the Vision 2030 project, is expected to play a crucial role in attainment of that target”, John Paul Okwiri, the Konza CEO said.

Konza as a Special Economic Zone (SEZ) has a number of incentives such as lower corporate tax, preferential withholding tax, exemptions from import duties, export levy fees, lower power tariff charges, repatriation of profits, discounted or free serviced land for plug and play investment opportunities. Kenya has 15 SEZ whereby 3 are government based and the rest are private sector owned. Beside Konza Technopolis, the other government operated SEZ are Naivasha SEZ and Dongo Kundu SEZ in Mombasa.

“Today, our delegation stands at the intersection of possibility. We seek to forge partnerships with Konza Technopolis, partnerships that transcend boundaries and propel us toward shared goals. Collaboration is not merely a buzzword; it is the heartbeat of progress. Together, we can unlock innovation, address challenges, and build a resilient ecosystem,” Mwangi said.

Konza Technopolis Phase 1 involved the setting up of the horizontal physical infrastructure which is at 97 percent completion level. It includes roads, walk ways, installation of street lights, construction of underground utility tunnel that is carrying all the electric power and fibre optic cables. In addition, Konza state of the art Data Centre is complete. It’s a Tier III Uptime certified data center that is already servicing a number of clients by offering cloud services, colocation, infrastructure and software services. Konza has on-boarded more than 100 investors cutting across the various business sectors.

“Konza Technopolis is not merely a physical space it is a canvas where dreams intersect with reality. Our vision to create a world class city fueled by technology, sustainability, and economic vibrancy is unwavering. We envision a hub that attracts global businesses, nurtures startups, and fosters research and development. Konza is our commitment to Kenya’s digital transformation”, Okwiri said.

“Our focus is clear amplifying local manufacturing. Konza provides the fertile ground for this endeavor. By integrating smart infrastructure, sustainable practices, and cutting-edge technology, we can nurture homegrown industries. Let us envision factories powered by renewable energy, supply chains optimized through data analytics, and products that carry the ‘Made in Kenya’ stamp with pride,” Mwangi added.


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