LG reaffirms commitment to mentor Kenyan students towards rewarding career paths

Leading electronics manufacturer LG has reaffirmed its dedication to fostering the professional growth of university students in Kenya through guidance on career paths and opportunities in both local and international markets.

The commitment was emphasized during a special visit to LG’s offices in Nairobi by students from the Korean Language & Culture Center (Nairobi King Sejong Institute) of the Kenyatta University. The students had a unique opportunity to engage with LG teams based in Nairobi.

(TOP: L-R – LG Electronics Air Solutions Product Manager Yeonguk Yun explains some of the LG Electronics air solutions technology to Kenyatta University students Shirleen Mwangi and Georgina Muringo from the Korean Language & Culture Center – Nairobi King Sejong Institute. The session took place during an excursion at LG offices by students from the said school, providing an opportunity for the LG team to introduce the students to the Korean work environment).

The excursion was designed to achieve multiple objectives. Firstly, it aimed to bolster the interest in Korean companies among the participating students, thus inspiring and motivating intermediate learners who aspire to pursue careers within Korean corporations like LG to delve deeper into learning the Korean language.

Moreover, the event provided a platform for the students to interact directly with LG teams, facilitating invaluable insights into practical work experiences within the organization. A South Korean multi-national conglomerate, LG employs individuals from diverse backgrounds and nationalities. By hearing firsthand accounts of these LG teams, the students gained invaluable knowledge and inspiration for their future career paths.

“We are committed to nurturing talent and fostering meaningful connections between Kenyan students and Korean corporations like LG. By providing platforms for interaction, learning, and mentorship, we aim to empower the next generation of professionals to pursue opportunities locally and abroad,” said LG’s MD for East Africa, Dongwon Lee.

Meanwhile, the visit became an opportune moment for the students to witness firsthand how different LG teams work together to deliver unparalleled experiences for consumers of its market-leading products in Kenya.


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