Endeavor Kenya names inaugural cohort of entrepreneurs for its ScaleUp program

Endeavor Kenya has unveiled the inaugural cohort of entrepreneurs for its Endeavor ScaleUp Program, which aims to support high-growth start-up ventures with the network and resources to gain clarity on their journey to scale.

Over the next six to twelve months, the ten selected entrepreneurs will have access to the Endeavor ScaleUp methodology, which leverages expert mentors, immersive business development training, fundraising support, and a strong peer network of high-impact entrepreneurs who have built and run successful businesses.

The entrepreneurs selected for the Endeavor Kenya Scale Up program are:

  1. Ms. June Odongo, Founder, Senga

  2. Ms. Hilda Moraa, Founder, Pezesha

  3. Ms. Rebecca Harrison, Founder, African Management Institute

  4. Ms. Sonia Kabra, Co-Founder, BuuPass

  5. Mr. Wyclife Omondi, Co-Founder, BuuPass

  6. Mr. George Jabesh, Co-Founder, Nakama Tech

  7. Mr. Wilfred Chege, Co-Founder, ZenDawa

  8. Mr. Japheth Dibo, Founder, Dial Afrika

  9. Mr. Javin Hutchinson, Founder, Satao

  10. Mr. Anteneh Tesfaye, Founder, Shega

Endeavor Kenya MD, Ms. Maryanne Ochola, said ScaleUp’s vision is for the selected start-ups to accelerate their business growth to become the next Endeavor Entrepreneurs.

“The Endeavor ScaleUp program is crucial for companies in the growth stage. The program will offer the selected entrepreneurs invaluable benefits by providing access to targeted training and development opportunities, focusing on leadership skills, business strategies, and innovative technology. They will have a chance to interact with experienced entrepreneurs who will help accelerate their entrepreneurial journey even as they advance to the next stage of their business growth,” said Ms Ochola.

Endeavor’s ScaleUp Program is a six to twelve-month non-dilutive program that provides a fast-track route to becoming a potential Endeavor Entrepreneur. The program consists of one-to-one mentoring sessions with entrepreneurs and mentors within the Endeavor Kenya network. 

The inaugural cohort brings together ten founders of tech-enabled businesses with a viable product or service that creates employment and demonstrates over 50% year-on-year growth.

The Endeavor Kenya ScaleUp enterprises are:

  1. Nakama-Tech (founder: Mr. George Jabesh) – Nakama-Tech offers innovative business solutions to enhance customer satisfaction, retention, and sales. Their versatile Omnichannel software, available on cloud and on-premises, ensures scalability and ease of use. Additionally, they provide extensive training and support services, emphasising inclusivity by connecting young graduates, women, and people with disabilities to employment opportunities locally and internationally.

  1. ZenDawa (co-founder: Wilfred Chege) – ZenDawa is revolutionising the pharmacy industry with its comprehensive B2B SaaS platform. They empower neighbourhood pharmacies with Tele-pharmacy services, pharmacy management tools, and embedded finance solutions, enabling online sales and efficient operations. Their fast delivery, integrated systems, and financial services reshape the landscape, ensuring pharmacies thrive in the digital age.

  1. AMI (African Management Initiative, founded by Rebecca Harrison) – AMI empowers African businesses with practical tools and training, driving tangible growth. Through proprietary diagnostics and accessible online content, they facilitate skill development for entrepreneurs and their teams. AMI’s tool-based learning approach has led to remarkable results, with businesses experiencing significant revenue increases and immediate impacts from management training.

  1. Senga (founder: June Odongo) – Senga is transforming logistics and supply chains for Africa’s formal retail sector, starting in Kenya. They enhance efficiency and customer satisfaction by drastically reducing delivery times and automating manual processes through their SengaOS platform. With rapid adoption and tangible benefits, Senga is reshaping the retail landscape and paving the way for streamlined operations.

  1. Dial Afrika (founder: Japheth Dibo) – Dial Afrika addresses communication challenges for African SMBs with Bonga, a comprehensive B2B SaaS Omni-Channel Customer Support Tool. Bonga enables seamless communication between businesses and customers through various channels, empowering SMBs to enhance interactions and understand consumer behaviour. With affordability and scalability, Dial Afrika drives growth and connectivity in a dynamic market.

  1. Satao (founder: Javin Hutchinson) – Satao is enhancing sustainability across sectors by creating innovative solutions rooted in agriculture. Satao’s immediate priority lies within the bakery segment, where they upscale the utilisation of technologies and local know-how to manufacture easy-to-use premixes for commercial bakeries. By implementing best practices and innovative solutions, Satao accelerates baking processes and contributes to a healthier African diet while promoting sustainability along relevant agricultural value chains. 

  1. BuuPass (founders: Sonia Kabra and Wycliffe Omondi) – BuuPass is reshaping Africa’s long-distance transport market with a comprehensive digital marketplace. Their platform digitises operations, allowing travellers to book intercity buses, trains, and flight tickets online. By connecting transport companies with online ticketing platforms, BuuPass enhances accessibility and convenience for travellers while modernising the transport industry.

  1. Pezesha (founder: Hilda Moraa) – Pezesha drives financial inclusion in Africa by connecting SMEs with working capital through a collaborative digital platform. By facilitating connections between financial institutions and quality SMEs, Pezesha promotes meaningful financial inclusion and reduces inequalities in accessing formal financial services.

  1. Shega (founder: Anteneh Tesfaye) – Shega empowers companies with actionable insights through curated data and intelligence, focusing on emerging markets and the financial sector. Shega enables organisations to make informed decisions by leveraging media and proprietary economic data, driving effectiveness and success in dynamic environments.

Driven by its belief that high-impact entrepreneurs transform economies, Endeavor aims to build thriving entrepreneurial ecosystems worldwide in emerging and underserved markets. Endeavor creates a multiplier effect by inspiring high-growth founders to dream bigger, supporting and investing in them to scale faster, and providing a platform to pay it forward – thereby compounding their impact. 


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