HealthTech platforms can provide medicare access to rare disease patients

In a world where access to healthcare remains a challenge for many, particularly for homebound patients, digital health solutions are transforming the way people access it. Since the wake of COVID-19, telehealth services have become even more important. With limited mobility and access to specialised medical care, homebound patients face unique challenges that can have a significant impact on their quality of life. However, the emergence of health-tech solutions is offering a lifeline to these individuals by leveraging technology to provide timely and comprehensive healthcare services.

“By harnessing the very latest technologies, digital health platforms are able to provide quick and effortless access to private healthcare from patients’ own homes – whenever it’s needed,” says Neil Kinsley, Unu Health’s Head of Global Distribution and New Business Development. “This means that patients can be assured of continuous and personalised medical attention and support wherever they are.”

Platforms such as Unu Health, are utilising technology to facilitate connections between patients and healthcare providers, providing valuable support to address their unique needs.

Through tele-health services, homebound patients can now access specialised medical expertise from the comfort of their homes. Virtual consultations enable them to connect with healthcare professionals who understand their condition, leading to faster diagnosis and tailored treatment plans.

In addition, digital health platforms offer innovative ways to manage the complexities of various health complications (including chronic illnesses) on a day-to-day basis. Mobile applications and wearable devices enable patients to monitor their symptoms, track medication adherence and communicate with their healthcare team in real time. These tools not only empower them to actively manage their health but provide valuable data that clinicians can use to make informed decisions.

“Telehealth and monitoring services like these are incredibly valuable for housebound patients,” expresses Kinsley. “It means there’s no delay if patients need medical attention – and they can get both the treatment and the medication they need efficiently and without fuss.

“Also, if they require emergency treatment for any reason, they don’t have to endure a long – and potentially life-threatening – wait for an ambulance. The attending nurse or doctor on the platform will arrange for them to be collected by ambulance and taken to an emergency facility.”

Unu Health’s always on and data free platform ensures that housebound patients have quick and effortless access to private healthcare whenever they need it. By instantly connecting with qualified nurses, patients can discuss their needs and concerns. The platform also allows constant monitoring of key health numbers, providing real-time care and support. If needed, a nurse will facilitate a digital consultation with a network doctor, streamlining the care process. Acute medication prescriptions can be sent directly to partner pharmacies, where they can be collected by a friend or family member.

The significance of digital healthcare solutions, especially for homebound patients, highlights the immediate access to medical attention and medication without unnecessary delays or inconveniences. This not only improves patient well-being but also alleviates pressure on healthcare systems by reducing hospitalisation periods and enabling timely assessments, even without access to mobile data.

Recognising Rare Disease Day observed on last day of February, Kinsley highlighted the potential of digital health platforms in supporting individuals with rare diseases. These illnesses present unique challenges, including limited access to specialised care. The scarcity of healthcare resources exacerbates inequalities, placing significant social and financial burdens on patients.

Meanwhile, as non-communicable diseases (NCDs) continue to be a major healthcare concern, with conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, and cancer on the rise, the revolution in digital healthcare couldn’t be more timely.

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