Gaming is not just for any screen: A sit-down with an avid gamer

The number of gamers in Africa has more than doubled since 2015, from 77 million to 186 million players, making it one of the fastest-growing gaming markets in the world. Closer home, Kenya is ranked as the ninth most popular gaming hub in Africa. Today, a gamer playing behind closed doors with soundproof earplugs and control pads may become an overnight multimillionaire.

We had a sit-down with Victor Karanja (pictured), a multifaceted tech enthusiast and gamer. From a young age, Victor’s fascination with gaming took root, blossoming into a full-fledged passion that would shape his journey in both his personal and professional life.

“It all started when I was just a kid. After school, I would go to meet my mother at her office where I would play Prince of Persia on her computer,” Victor recalls, a nostalgic glint in his eye. “I remember playing my first game and being completely captivated by the immersive experience it offered.”

But Victor’s love affair with technology didn’t stop at gaming. As a gamer, he found himself drawn to the endless array of possibilities that the digital world had to offer in terms of socialization and interacting with others. “Gaming can be more than just a pastime; it’s a tool for personal growth and development. While some may not grasp its significance, the social aspect alone can’t be overlooked,” he muses.

Central to Victor’s tech ecosystem is his beloved Samsung OLED 4K S90C Smart TV – a masterpiece of modern engineering that serves as the cornerstone of his entertainment setup. “I can’t overstate the importance of having a quality display when it comes to gaming and multimedia consumption. I love the graphics quality of the Samsung TV combined with the Soundbar. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to improve image quality and bridge the resolution gap between 4K and 8K TVs,” Victor explains. “The OLED technology delivers stunning visuals with deep blacks and vibrant colors, while the 4K resolution ensures every detail pops with clarity.”

For Victor, his Samsung OLED 4K S90C Smart TV isn’t just a screen – it’s a window into worlds beyond imagination, a canvas upon which the stories of countless games and movies come to life in breathtaking detail. “There’s something magical about being able to lose yourself in a virtual world,” he reflects. “And having a display of this caliber only serves to enhance that experience.”

As our conversation draws to a close, Victor leaves us with a parting thought – a testament to the enduring allure of technology and gaming in his life. “For me, it’s not just about the games or the gadgets – it’s about the sense of wonder and possibility that they inspire. Countless times, gaming has thrust me into scenarios requiring quick thinking and adaptability – skills seamlessly transferable to real-life challenges. The resilience cultivated in virtual worlds translates into tangible solutions and confidence when facing obstacles offline” he says with a smile.

From Victor’s sentiments, the Samsung OLED 4K S90C Smart TV is a premier choice for gaming enthusiasts due to its exceptional blend of cutting-edge technology and immersive visual experience. Boasting OLED technology, this TV delivers unparalleled contrast and deep blacks, ensuring vivid, lifelike colors that enhance gaming environments to unprecedented levels of realism. Its 4K resolution offers crystal-clear clarity, capturing every detail with stunning precision. The S90C’s fast response time and low input lag make it incredibly responsive to gaming inputs, resulting in seamless and fluid gameplay. With its smart TV capabilities, gamers can access a plethora of gaming content and streaming services effortlessly, further enriching their entertainment experience.


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