Kua Ventures and Startup Savanna partner to support SMEs in East Africa

Kua Ventures, a faith-driven impact investor based in Nairobi, has partnered with Startup Savanna, an initiative fostering entrepreneurial growth and innovation in Kenya, to support the region’s SMEs. The collaboration saw 10 entrepreneurs pitch for a maximum of Kshs 15 million in funding for their businesses.

Central to Kua Ventures’ approach to supporting SMEs is the 3C model consisting of capital, coaching and community.  The capital component consists of secured and revenue-based loans of between Kshs 5 million and Kshs 15 million for business growth and expansion, while the coaching aspect involves matching the entrepreneurs with local and international mentors to enhance their leadership skills and refine their business strategies. The community component on the other hand enables like-minded entrepreneurs within the Kua Ventures portfolio to connect, share ideas and build their capacity.

In tandem, Startup Savanna, an integral component of the Kenya Industry and Entrepreneurship Project (KIEP) funded by the World Bank Group, serves as a conduit for Kenyan startups to access international expertise, investment opportunities, and support infrastructure. Through collaborations with global experts and local entrepreneurial support organisations, Startup Savanna aims to propel the growth and sustainability of businesses, thereby contributing to job creation and economic development.

Speaking during the pitching event, Kua Ventures’ Executive Director Peter Fry said the collaboration between Kua Ventures and Startup Savannah would go a long way in promoting sustainable development and social change.

“We are thrilled to partner with Startup Savanna in our shared mission of supporting local entrepreneurship and promoting social change. By combining our expertise and resources, we aim to help local entrepreneurs to innovate, grow and create lasting social impact in the region through the creation of stable jobs and contribution to global efforts of reducing poverty in our communities,” he said.

Likewise, Jackson Kinyanjui, Startup Savanna implementing team Lead said, “Our collaboration with Kua Ventures represents a significant milestone in our efforts to build a vibrant innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem in Kenya. Entrepreneurs are the backbone of our economy, and we continue to give them platforms to learn and grow.”

The pitch event served as a platform for SMEs to showcase their innovative solutions, network, and seek funding that would help in scaling their businesses and impact.

The partnership between Kua Ventures and Startup Savanna is the latest private sector effort to bridge the gap between local entrepreneurship and access to finance, which has stunted the growth of most SMEs in the East African region and prevented them from realising their impact potential.

The 10 ventures that pitched were drawn from various sectors and industries such as green energy, education, agribusiness, hospitality, events management and laundry services. These were: Pauline Wanjiku from TLC Laundry, Victor Maina from Duhqa, Jackie Kamau  from The Laundry Lady, Meshack Mutisya from Irish Events & Catering, Martin Muigah from Event Automation Solutions, Edward Kinyanjui from  Plexus Energy Ltd, Peter Muraya from Victoria Kids Care, David Wanjau from Deevabits Green Energy and Chris Silali  from GenePlus Global.

Kua Ventures  is a faith-driven impact investor that envisions Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in East Africa flourishing in their communities. The organisation supports hardworking men and women with economic and spiritual resources that unleash their capacities and liberate them from the entanglements of poverty. The support includes affordable Capital, tailored Coaching, and a Community of like-minded entrepreneurs, which enable the enterprises to grow and positively impact their communities.

Startup Savanna is an initiative aimed at fostering entrepreneurial growth and innovation in Kenya. As part of the Kenya Industry and Entrepreneurship Project (KIEP), Startup Savanna collaborates with local and international partners to provide Kenyan startups with access to knowledge, networks, and investment opportunities, thereby driving business growth and sustainability.


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