Tech meets Tradition

By Sam Odhiambo

In our daily lives, few bonds are as enduring and essential as the care and dedication of mothers. From nurturing spirits to tireless guardians of hearth and home, mothers have long borne the weight of responsibility with grace and resilience. Yet, amid the ebb and flow of modernity, their roles have evolved, transcending traditional boundaries to embrace new horizons of possibility and empowerment.

Today, as we traverse the web of challenges, one issue stands out starkly against the backdrop of progress – the prolonged drying times for laundry, a task that often falls squarely on mothers’ shoulders.

It’s a mundane yet profound challenge that echoes through history, where the image of a mother toiling over laundry embodies the silent sacrifices and steadfast resolve that define motherhood. Every weekend, on the streets of Nairobi and across the country, within the balconies of towering buildings, one will not fail to notice the beautifully displayed clothes on the clotheslines to dry. Most Nairobians still do their laundry the traditional way, washing clothes with their hands and letting them dry on their own.

The recent heavy rains that hit Nairobi and the entire country caused limited sunshine, significantly affecting our laundry. Clothes now take days or even a week to dry on their own, making it challenging for those who wash all their clothes intending to use them soon, especially now that schools are open.

As the world marked the global Mother’s Day one thing kept me thinking: How can the evolution and integration of Artificial intelligence (AI) within the laundry industry empower our mothers? Doing laundry has undoubtedly evolved, and a typical washing machine, as we know it, does more than what we see on the surface.

Many washing machine manufacturers, such as Samsung, have demonstrated innovation by creating AI-equipped washing machines with mothers in mind. These technological marvels not only speed up the laundry process but also signify a significant change in societal awareness, recognising and catering to the needs of caregivers with precision and compassion.

As we celebrate mothers’ contributions to our daily lives, let us not overlook the significance of cycles, these technological advancements symbolise a collective understanding – a recognition that the burdens once shouldered by mothers alone are now shared responsibilities woven into the fabric of progress and empathy.

For instance, Samsung Electronics has remained at the forefront of providing mothers and households with the latest washing machines that use AI to make laundry easier. The brand has a range of artificial intelligence-enabled AI EcoBubble fully automatic washing machines for an effortless laundry experience and larger capacity models to cater for mothers with large families or large washing loads.

In this age of technological progress, let us champion the cause of mothers everywhere through words and actions that resonate with appreciation and understanding. Let us embrace innovation as a tool for liberation, freeing mothers from the shackles of time-consuming chores and empowering them to pursue their passions and dreams.

(The writer is the Head of the Consumer Electronic Division, Kenya, Samsung Electronics East Africa). 


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