Samsung cooking up a huge surprise for Galaxy fans this July

Since Samsung launched it in mid-2009, the Galaxy series of devices have come to be recognized by mobile handset users and the brand’s fans for their impeccable design, advanced features and specs, and incredible quality.

The series – which features smartphones (including foldables), tablets, earbuds, and smartwatches – has the Galaxy S series as the premium range for smartphones with the Z series as the flagship range for foldable devices. And the devices in the S series truly live up to their name.

In early 2023, the brand dazzled the market with the Galaxy S23 range of mobile devices which    had the Galaxy S23 Ultra, Galaxy S23+ and Galaxy S23. The pre-orders for this range far much exceeded those of the S22 series launched a year prior, with 60 per cent of the customers opting for the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

About for months later, Samsung lined up a special feast for the foldable device segment with the unveiling of the Galaxy Z range of foldable smartphones in mid-July.

How about this year, what kind of feast has Samsung packed for the Galaxy S series fans and the premium mobile handsets segment? Already, we have had the launch of the Galaxy S24 series of models in January which featured the Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24+, and the Galaxy S24 Ultra, the flagship in the S24 range.

The Galaxy S24 series saw the debut of Galaxy AI, developed to enhance every aspect of the user’s lifestyle, with features such as Live Translate, Circle to Search, Chat Assist, Note Assist and Galaxy AI editing tools. Let’s just say it has innovation at the core, with nothing left out.

But like in 2023 when the brand had Galaxy Unpacked events in January and July, will this year be the same or different? Will the brand keep to its tradition which it has upheld over the years or break with this tradition and routine?

We’ll sure find out in mid-July. But going by the experience in January with the Galaxy S24 series, indications are that something incredible and big is taking place next month. Keep it here for the updates.


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