Six startups supported by A2SV showcase their solutions at Gitex Africa 2024

Africa to Silicon Valley (A2SV), a tech academy and incubator, backed by Google,  trains African university students, connecting them with career opportunities, and creating tech-driven solutions addressing community challenges.

A2SV participated in GITEX AFRICA 2024, Africa’s premier technology showcase, held from May 29 to 31 in Marrakesh, Morocco. A team of 40 representatives from A2SV attended the event, highlighting the organization’s commitment to advancing technology and innovation in Africa, and playing a key role in the digital transformation of the continent.

(TOP: The A2SV team at GITEX Africa Morocco 2024). 

The A2SV team featured 6 projects:

Adot: Combining medical and tech expertise, Adot offers a platform for pregnancy monitoring, localized maternal health information, and community support tailored for African mothers.

AKIL:  Akil brings together NGOS and volunteers in a painless and centralized approach, helping NGOs easily connect with volunteers and volunteers with the causes they want to support. AKIL facilitates these meaningful connections to maximize the impact of NGOs and passionate volunteers.

SkillBridge: Skillbridge transforms learning and exam preparation in Africa with an AI-powered, customized learning platform where students gain access to learning resources, personalized learning paths, and gamification.

AfroChat: AfroChat is a centralized platform providing a much-needed easy access to a wide range of AI services with affordable pricing. Through awareness education and affordable pricing, AfroChat ensures that more businesses and people, including those with low incomes, can benefit from advanced AI technologies.

RateEat: RateEat simplifies the food search process with up-to-date restaurant information and filtering options based on price, location, and rating. The platform offers image and video reviews with ratings for item-specific feedback on individual dishes.

Eskalate: Eskalate empowers businesses by connecting them with Africa’s top engineering talent. By providing access to skilled software developers who have graduated from A2SV’s rigorous software engineering training program, Eskalate powers local and global business with their number one asset – talent. Some examples of its partners include Google, Bloomberg, Databricks, and Amazon.

The expo at GITEX AFRICA provided an excellent opportunity for A2SV to demonstrate its talent, innovation, and impact to industry leaders, investors, and tech enthusiasts from across Africa and beyond. A2SV’s exhibitor projects were highly praised, including reaching semi-finals at the startup pitch competition, and also received valuable constructive feedback.

“I am particularly happy that A2SV is well-represented at GITEX Africa with 40 A2SVians and I believe this is an invaluable opportunity for us to demonstrate our capabilities,” said Emre Varol, A2SV’s founder and CEO. “Events like GITEX Africa help us create visibility and form meaningful partnerships aligned with our mission of democratizing access to opportunity and innovation.”

Since its founding, A2SV has trained over 800 students via its free, rigorous program (in-person and remote), employed 142 of them as it expands its operations to more countries in Africa, and connected 65 students with career opportunities at leading tech companies. Additionally, A2SV has started developing technology projects as early seed ventures, further driving innovation and growth.

“We continue to see that digital transformation will be key to Africa’s future, especially as the continent has the youngest population in the world. For that, we need capital and talent but without the talent capital alone can’t do much,” said Yordanos Asmare, A2SV’s Head of Talent and Partnerships. “At A2SV, we have over 800 students who are ready to tackle Africa’s challenges and solve them better than outsiders. We are showing the world that A2SV has the means to do that.”

A2SV is an international nonprofit started in 2019 working to bridge the gap between students across African countries and Big Tech. With the tech industry becoming increasingly competitive, the nonprofit is on a mission to provide opportunities for talented software engineers to grow their careers, learn from industry experts and use this knowledge to better their local communities through digital innovation. A2SV currently partners with universities in Africa to provide students with free training and pathways for internships in leading tech companies including Google and Bloomberg. Their annual continent-wide Hackathon further aims to diversify the industry by encouraging youth to address unique challenges in their communities through tech-led initiatives.


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