Ed-tech platform Schoolap expands into Kenya with Vanessa Ozoua Obura as Country Director

Schoolap, an edtech platform dedicated to transforming education in Africa, has announced the opening of its new office in Kenya. The strategic move marks the beginning of Schoolap’s development in Anglophone African countries, expanding its reach and impact across the continent.

“We are excited to announce that Schoolap has now opened a new office in Kenya to kickstart our expansion into Anglophone Africa,” said Pascal Kanik, CEO of Schoolap. “This initiative aims to bring our innovative educational solutions to a broader audience, leveraging the unique opportunities and addressing the specific needs of the Anglophone African market.”

(TOP: Vanessa Ozoua Obura, country director, Schoolap).

Leadership and Vision

Heading the new Kenyan office is Vanessa Ozoua Obura, an experienced professional who has been with Schoolap for over a year. Her leadership and deep understanding of the Kenyan market are expected to be invaluable assets in ensuring the success of this expansion. “I am particularly pleased to have Vanessa Ozoua Obura leading this new venture,” Kanik added.

Key Features of Schoolap:

Digital Curriculum Management: Schoolap provides a robust platform for creating, managing, and delivering digital curricula that align with national educational standards.

Interactive Learning Tools: The platform includes tools that promote interactive and engaging learning experiences, such as multimedia content, quizzes, and collaborative projects.

Performance Tracking and Analytics: Educators can monitor student progress in real-time, using data-driven insights to tailor instruction and improve learning outcomes.

Accessibility and Inclusivity: Designed to be accessible on multiple devices, ensuring students from diverse backgrounds can benefit from its resources.

Strategic Goals

The expansion into Kenya is a critical step in Schoolap’s broader strategy to establish its presence in Anglophone Africa, following its success in Francophone countries like the DRC and Ivory Coast. By positioning itself in Kenya, Schoolap aims to bridge educational gaps and support the country’s efforts to leverage technology for sustainable development.

Schoolap’s mission is to transform education in Africa through innovative digital solutions, making quality education accessible and effective for all students across the continent. The expansion underscores Schoolap’s commitment to using technology to address educational challenges and contribute positively to Africa’s development.

Founded in 2017, Schoolap has been at the forefront of educational innovation in Africa. The platform has been instrumental in digitizing education, providing thousands of schools with the resources they need to improve teaching and learning outcomes. Schoolap’s mission is to harness the power of technology to make quality education accessible and effective for all students across the continent.


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