LG Party Speakers: For the whole spectrum of consumers’ music listening and audio system preferences  

The XBOOM Party Speakers lineup from LG first made its debut in the market in the first quarter of 2023. With a capacity to entertain guests for up to 20 hours non-stop (while tuned to 50% of the volume) with advanced quality audio, the models in this portfolio were XL7 and XL5.

Then in May this year, LG unveiled its latest and rejigged lineup of the Party Speakers. With five models in this series, the speakers offer users and their guests unrivalled sound quality and versatility that makes them ideal for a number of environments and occasions – including birthdays and family anniversaries, and get-togethers, barbecues, and weekend dance parties at home.

And in situations where guests have to relocate from one area to the next, the speakers have been designed with portability as a key priority and come with built-in handles and wheels that make it easy to transport them. The units also seamlessly connect to a variety of devices, from TVs to smartphones to laptops, giving the user a wide room for flexibility when picking the audio input source.

To better understand and even appreciate what these individual units in the latest XBOOM Party Speakers series has to offer, let’s take a deeper look at of the models – that is XL7S, XL5, XG9, XG7, X03 and XG5.


The flagship in this lineup, this unit is an LG XBOOM portable party bluetooth speaker with pixel led and multi-colour ring lighting.

The LG XBOOM XL7S is a 250W output, 8-inch Woofer and Multi-Speaker unit which fills up the venue of the event with a massive and bold sound output, inviting your guests to the floor to share in the entertainment.

As per your preference, you can decide to customize your LG XBOOM experience with text via the XBOOM app. For an illuminated and colourful experience, the unit’s dynamic pixel lighting and multi-colour ring lighting enables the host to lighten up the party’s venue and atmosphere, ensuring that there’s no dull moment whatsoever.

And in situations when the host or guests want to show and express their sonic capabilities and singing prowess, you can turn the party into a karaoke with LG XBOOM XL7S. All you need to do is plug in your microphone and sing your favourite tracks. Furthermore, you can also connect in a guitar and hold an acoustic concert of your own.

With 20-hours of battery life, the unit can effectively entertain your guests for the whole night (or throughout the day depending on the duration of the event) without the host worrying about the state of the battery. Talk of offering unrivalled peace of mind.

For added convenience, the LG XBOOM XL7S is fitted with a telescopic handle and wheels, making it easy to move and relocate from one area to the other effortlessly. It also tilts back, enabling you to carry and move it around just like your usual luggage.

To learn more about the unit and even try it out, visit Opalnet, where the LG XBOOM XL7S Party Speaker is currently retailing for Kshs 80,000.


Arguably the second in the latest XBOOM Party Speakers’ lineup, the 200W output, 6.5-inch Woofer and Multi-Speaker unit can efficiently fill up the host’s event venue with a massive, high quality sound.

The XBOOM XL5S shares quit a number of features with the XL7S – including ability to personalize your LG XBOOM experience via the XBOOM app; double strobe lighting and multi-colour ring lighting; ability to turn the get-together into a karaoke session via the microphone and guitar features; and the ease of  movability enabled by the built-in handle and wheels.

With its 12-hour battery life, it’s ideal for events and celebrations which are scheduled to run for half a day, say from 6am to 6pm; 12noon to midnight; or 6pm till the next morning at 6am.

The unit delivers strong bass, and with its Dynamic Bass Optimizer, your guests will experience and feel its strong bass even when the volume is turned low.

In case you feel this unit meets your preference for both indoor and outdoor entertainment, the LG XBOOM Party Speaker XL5S is retailing for Kshs 57,000 at Opalnet. You can check and sample it there. 


Unlike the first two speakers in the XBOOM Party Speakers series, the XG9 is significantly different and smaller, though not inferior. The 4.5-inch Woofer and Horn Tweeter emits 80W powerful sound, complemented with its Sound Boost feature for an even better listening experience.

The XBOOM XG9’s compact and dome shape, with a handle at the top for ease of portability, is packed with advanced sound technology, combining powerful sound, deep bass, and stunning high notes, leading to a rich, immersive sound.

Though smaller in build, the XG9 surpasses the two previous models in some aspects. The unit has an IP67 waterproof rating, meaning that it’s protected against the effects of immersion in water for up to 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes. It also comes with a longer battery life of 24-hours, which is higher than that of XBOOM XL7S (at 20-hours) and XBOOM XL5S (at 12-hours). Still on the benefits of longer battery life, you can even use the speaker to charge your phone.

With its longer battery life and higher water resistance capability, the unit is ideal for outdoor events and adventures, including beach parties and weekend camping tours.

For those planning a weekend get-away with a possible outdoor party in the evening and throughout the night, the XBOOM XG9 is available at Opalnet for a discounted price of just Kshs 62,000, (instead of the standard price of Kshs 84,000).


The XBOOM Party Speaker XG7 comes in handy (literally, as it’s very portable) for occasions when you, as the host, wants to play the music, and lighten up the mood for your guests as they feel and experience the powerful sound which the audio unit provides.

The speaker’s 4.5-inch track-type woofer produces deep bass while the dome tweeter is designed to create a crisp, high-frequency response, all in an effort to give the listener (and guests) an unforgettable experience.

With the Sound Boost feature, the host is able to widen the sound field, enabling the guests to enjoy louder music with even deeper bass. And to create the right ambience, you have the ability to sync your mood with the light studio via the XBOOM app, thereby ensuring that every moment has a color, and corresponding sound.

Just like the XG9, the XBOOM XG7 has a 24-hour battery life, and can thus be played from say, late afternoon to the following day, without the host worrying about the battery.

The XBOOM Party Speaker XG7 can be ordered from Opalnet for Kshs 31,000. At that price, the buyer will have saved about Kshs 3,000 from the discount offered by the retailer.


For that authentic 360°, 24-hour non-stop surround sound, look no further than the LG XBOOM X03. With its cone-shaped exterior, the unit has been recognized as a unique piece of audio engineering, designed to change the way you listen to and experience sound. Wherever you place the LG XBOOM X03 speaker, the synergy of LG’s omnidirectional 360° sound technology and the device’s aesthetic design combine to deliver a natural and consistently high-quality audiovisual experience to guests and listeners.

Because the unit’s optimal reflector structure allows sound to disperse evenly and equally in every direction, the XBOOM 360 XO3 offers the best recreation of the original audio regardless of the environment, coupled with low distortion across the tone, clarity, human voice and even sound spatial.

The XO3’s superior three-way sound system disperses music in a balanced and clear sound, resulting in a more accurate treble, clearer mid, and a rich and deeper bass. This ensures a balanced, powerful, and authentic listening experience for your guests.

The device’s Clarity Boosting Structure consists of premium materials, including silk dome, glass fiber and neodymium magnets, which all combine to enhance the sound clarity and accuracy. The Dual Passive Radiator reduces irregular vibration to reduce audio distortion, while the Dynamic Bass Optimizer enhances bass level separately when sound is turned down.

A winner of various industry design awards, the XBOOM 360 XO3 can be grabbed from Opalnet after making a payment of Kshs 42,000. With this purchase, the buyer will have benefitted from a Kshs 15,000 discount.


With the LG XBOOM XG5, you and your guests will experience 18 hours of non-stop and powerful clear audio and bass. Just like with the XG7, it enables you to enjoy your favorite tracks with a track-type woofer, producing a stunningly loud sound.

The unit’s bass enhancement algorithm lets you and your guests hear and feel each distinct bass note, even when volume of the music is turned down low. And with its expanded selection of 16 million colors, you can play every song alongside every colour of the rainbow for an enriched music experience.

Currently, the LG XBOOM XG5 is retailing at Opalnet for Kshs 17,000, an offer which gives the buyer a whole Kshs 5,000 reduction in the normal cost of the unit.


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