Open Startup announces entry submission phase for its $50,000 pre-seed accelerator program

As part of its commitment to grow Africa’s startup ecosystem, Open Startup (OST) has announced a call for applications for the OST Program. Developed in collaboration with Columbia Engineering and Columbia Business School in New York, the program aims to support early-stage startups and promising talents from Tunisia, Senegal, and Morocco.

The OST Program is designed to assist 30 selected startups (10 from each country) in advancing from a proof of concept stage to a minimum viable product (MVP) over an intensive 18-week hybrid program.

The program will run from September 2024 to January 2025, with a total of zero-equity $50,000 funding distributed among finalists to boost their growth, with no equity taken. In addition to the funding, the program will offer customized training and mentoring delivered by experts and supported by MBA students from Columbia Business School, access to an extensive international network, and trips to New York, Tunisia, and Morocco, designed to provide participants with international exposure and networking opportunities.

Early-stage startups with proof of concept and individuals with soft and technical skills are invited to apply on the linked websites. Applications will close on July 21, 2024.

“The OST Program connected us with experts, speeding up our market understanding and product fit. The mentorship offered and the global networking accelerated our growth and opened doors to international collaboration,” says alumni Riadh Hamama, the CEO and founder of LoxBox Services.

The OST Program continues OST’s drive to accelerate Africa’s tech innovators. It follows our MoU with French public investment bank BPI France aimed at bridging African innovation with the French tech ecosystem and our successful 2024 Global Immersion Week (GIW) held in Morocco in May where OST signed MOUs with key Moroccan entities, including Technopark Maroc and UM6P – Mohammed VI Polytechnic University.

Through the OST Program, GIW and the MOU, OST outlines its commitment to offering a range of inclusive programs that accelerate entrepreneurial development and accelerate the growth of African startups and ecosystems. The program is designed to empower pre-seed startups and entrepreneurs with the essential ressources and support services they need to turn their ideas into thriving businesses and succeed in their respective industries.

Open Startup (OST) is a non-governmental organization that promotes entrepreneurship, education, and cross-cultural exchanges. By connecting ecosystems across Africa and beyond, OST builds communities that foster innovation and capacity building.

Open Startup (OST) is a non-governmental organization that fosters innovation and capacity building through entrepreneurship, education, and cross-cultural exchange, creating communities and connecting ecosystems across the Middle East and Africa (MEA). OST works toward leveraging networks and empowering entrepreneurs by providing them with world-class opportunities, programs, and resources.

OST offers a comprehensive suite of programs tailored to various stages of startup development, from ideation and incubation to investment readiness and capacity building, preparing entrepreneurs for enduring success. With a diverse range of programs that transcend borders, OST empowers entrepreneurs to boost their businesses, driving economic growth and social impact.

OST serves as global catalyst for entrepreneurial talent, fostering cross-cultural collaboration and expanding its reach in Africa and beyond. The non-profit connects aspiring entrepreneurs and bright minds from the MEA Region, the USA, and Europe through pan-African programs, immersive events, and a worldwide network. In this way, OST bridges ecosystems, propelling innovation beyond borders and leaving an impact on the world stage.


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