Kenya to get $390 million from World Bank to fund digital economy projects

The Kenya Digital Economy Acceleration Project will use a multi-phase programmatic approach (MPA) with two phases where phase one will run from 2023-2028, focusing on expanding access to high-speed internet, improving the quality and delivery of education and selected government services, and building skills for the regional digital economy, and phase two will run from 2026-2030, concentrating on building a data driven and secure environment for enhanced digital service delivery and innovation for the regional digital economy. The project will also mobilize an estimated $100 million in private capital by crowding-in the private sector for broadband infrastructure development. [c]

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Government receives $379 million from Team Europe to finance electric bus line in Nairobi

The BRT line 3 project is a key deliverable of the Mombasa-Kisangani strategic corridors, which is a priority in the Global Gateway Africa-Europe Investment Package. The line will be the first dedicated electric bus rapid lane in East Africa and is part of a system of five rapid bus lines to be developed in the Kenyan capital. The BRT Line is fully designed by European expertise and funded by a consortium of Team Europe partners and has a strong focus on the highest social and environmental standards. The BRT Line 3 is expected to be operational in 2030. [c]